Mitigate risk

Poorly marked, unlabelled or damaged tape archives can prevent you from conducting restore requests and destroying end-of-life data correctly.

At Ontrack, we can help you:

  • Prevent accidental destruction of archive data
  • Avoid compliance or litigation issues
  • Decrease the time taken to search and restore data
  • Reduce costs associated with retaining legacy tape data
Tape recovery - mitigate risk

What's the danger with unmarked backup tapes?

  • Accidental Withdrawal or Destruction, even though the media is still within the legal retention period
  • Time-consuming search for data on unlabeled tapes
  • Data required for submission to court proceedings are no longer available or can not be found
  • Unmarked bands increase the risk of potential data breaches

Are you facing a large amount of archived legacy data and tape libraries and need a quick overview?

Ontrack helps you efficiently catalog your tape media:

  • Prevent the accidental destruction of archive data, especially if the media is still within the legal retention period
  • Avoid compliance or litigation issues
  • Reduce the time to find and recover data
  • Reduce the cost of storing older tape data
Tapes auditing sevices

Tape audit process and consultation

All tape audits can be tailored to your needs, but our basic process includes:


Archive review

We search for tapes that might be unsupported by your current IT infrastructure or that have been catalogued incorrectly.

Accessibility check

Understand what storage technology you have in-house and verify that your team have the skills and time required to access legacy data.

Data retention analysis

We can identify any end-of-life data within your tape library and assist with destroying it effectively and in a timely manner.

Media evaluation

We can help you test the health of your tape archives to avoid discovering damaged media during a time-critical restoration request.

What’s included in our service?

  • Data integrity and inconsistency reports
  • Support for all tape and media formats
  • Restoration of a sample of tapes or the complete set – the choice is yours

FAQ: Audit tape archives

You have a number of tapes but do not know what's on them. Perhaps you do not have the backup software to restore the tapes.

Try to get a copy of the backup software by contacting a software vendor or distributor online or in a shop. If the software is very old and not available anymore, or if you are affected by some of the common tape and backup media problems, you should get in contact with data recovery experts. Specialists such as Ontrack have very specific tools and hardware for a range of tape media, which aren’t available in the market anymore, to gain access to your tape data without the need for the old backup software.

This problem often indicates that either a driver is not working correctly or the backup/tape storage system software is not properly installed. Reinstall them and then try to access the library. If this is still not possible, you should get in contact with data recovery experts, such as Ontrack, who have very specialised tools to recover the library and its content from a range of tape media.

That depends on the software and tape library system you are using.

In some tape storage software you can - as the tape library administrator or operator – use a certain code command to track down a certain file on a tape. However, this is only possible if you know the exact name of the required file. There is still the chance that you will find a wrong copy of the file. The main issue is that, since you have several copies of the same single file with any advanced backup system and you are not able to identify which one you are looking for, you can only guess the exact name.

A simple solution to this would be to create an index and catalogue of tape and archive media, which is more time and cost-effective if you need to access specific files on your tapes.

This depends on the particular case. If the tape hardware system is still up and running, it is quite easy to create the content list of the tapes without restoring all the content from all the tapes. There is usually some basic functionality in the tape storage system with which you can create and access a content list and find out what is on the tapes.

Without the backup software, you can at least find out what is on the tapes, even though you cannot restore the backup. If you have neither the tape system nor the backup software available, you should definitely contact a data recovery expert who specialises in tapes.


Find out if your data is physically accessible with the Ontrack tape audit service. We can also provide visibility on what has been stored past its retention period.

Tapes auditing


Get a comprehensive and accurate overview of your hard to access archive data. Ontrack offers indexing, cataloguing and categorisation of your storage media to ensure your legacy data stays organised and compliant.

Tapes cataloguing


Whether you are migrating from one IT service provider to another or found that your tape formats are no longer supported by your current hardware or software, Ontrack can help migrate your data to a new system or storage medium.

Tapes migration


Have you received an emergency legal or regulatory data restoration request? Ontrack can help you quickly retrieve granular information from your tape archives ensuring you are able to comply with legal and government requests.

Tapes restoration

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