Mar 12 2020

KLDiscovery Announces Coronavirus Preparedness Measures

KLDiscovery today announced the company’s readiness capabilities to respond to COVID-19 outbreaks. Internal preparations have been made to protect employees and maintain continuity of business operations.
Sep 18 2018

Kingston partners with Ontrack to offer the best and most advanced data erasure solutions to businesses and individuals

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, is partnering with Ontrack, a leading provider of data recovery and erasure services, to offer data erasure services at advantageous rates to Kingston Technology customers. Through this powerful alliance between two security vendors, Ontrack supports Kingston customers solving complex data GDPR challenges through cutting-edge erasure solutions.
Sep 12 2018

Ontrack expands mobile device services to meet growing demand

The data recovery experts at Ontrack have expanded their facilities to match a growing demand for mobile device data recovery services.
Apr 2 2018

Ontrack presents new release of World Backup Day

Jan 8 2018

Kroll Ontrack Announces Global Rebrand to Ontrack

Nov 28 2017

Identity for Sale

A recent Kroll Ontrack security study shows people too often fail to properly erase personal data in used drives, putting their own and others’ identity and privacy at risk.
Oct 25 2017

Kroll Ontrack presents new release of Ontrack® EasyRecovery™ with enhanced features for Windows® and MacOS®

Aug 2 2017

Internet tips for DIY data recovery to blame for permanent data loss

May 18 2017

World recycling day 2017

Apr 19 2017

Kroll Ontrack releases Ontrack PowerControls 9.0 featuring updated support for Microsoft software

Mar 30 2017

Survey: Users lose data despite backup

Mar 14 2017

Kroll Ontrack offers ransomware victims alternative solutions to paying the ransom

Feb 21 2017

Erased but not forgotten

Feb 9 2017

Kroll Ontrack Shares Data Loss Realities from 2016 Data Loss Index

Jan 10 2017

Data Storage Trends: Will spinning disks be around in 2020?

Dec 7 2016

Bug bears and misbehaving animals

Dec 1 2016

Kroll Ontrack Research: Over 50 per cent of respondents run multiple backup solutions, making legacy data (tape) management costs higher than necessary

Nov 22 2016

How to prepare for the EU GDPR

Oct 23 2016

LDiscovery and Kroll Ontrack are combining two great businesses into one company through LDiscovery’s acquisition of Kroll Ontrack

Jul 18 2016

What does Brexit mean for data protection?

Jun 1 2016

Data loss from solid state disk (SSD) technology increases with wider adoption

May 17 2016

Recycle your equipment - but make sure you destroy your data first

May 4 2016

‘Undetected drives’ continues to be the main reason for data loss