Ontrack® Remote Data Recovery™

Ontrack® Remote Data Recovery™ (RDR™) is a patented proprietary technology for fast, safe and convenient data recovery from working devices which are correctly recognized by the system. Thanks to RDR, the recovery can be performed remotely through a secured connection between your computer and Ontrack’s system.

How does RDR work?

All the service levels provided by Ontrack (Business, Business+ and Emergency) are also available via Remote Data Recovery; based on the urgency of your issue you can select the most suitable service. The procedure is similar to the one used for lab services: the dedicated engineer will perform a remote diagnosis to evaluate the condition of the device and analyze it.

You will then receive a list of the recoverable files with indication of their state of completeness. The diagnosis phase is of the utmost importance: often in fact there is only one chance to extract the data from the device. At the end of the diagnosis and only after receiving authorization from the customer we can proceed to the actual recovery phase.

Remote Data Recovery

No shipping required

Ontrack Remote Data Recovery provides the same quality of a clean room recovery procedure without the need to ship the hardware: an Internet connection is the only requirement. This enables to speed up the process, minimizing system downtime.

Ideal for NAS, SAN and RAID systems recovery

Most cases of data loss affecting NAS, SAN and RAID systems are caused by software malfunction or human errors such as formatted drives, deleted files, and configuration mistakes. RDR can be successfully employed in all the above scenarios to resolve the issue. RDR is also the optimal solution to restore corrupted database files, e.g. Microsoft® Exchange® Server, SQL® Server, SharePoint® Server, Oracle® Server, etc.

Privacy and security

Communication through Ontrack’s RDR software is completely secure, since it is based on encrypted data packages. Moreover, the customer’s data stays on the local computer without being transferred on the network. Ontrack works every day with sensitive personal data and adopts the most responsible approach for its protection; the security and privacy of our customer’s data is our priority.

The Remote Data Recovery process

  1. The dedicated Ontrack RDR engineer established together with the customer if the method is suitable for the specific case.
  2. If RDR is the answer, the customer downloads and installs Ontrack’s software client on a computer that is working correctly and is connected to the Internet.
  3. Our engineer connects remotely to the customer’s machine and starts the analysis. At the end of the diagnosis the customer will receive a list of recoverable files with indication of their level of completeness.
  4. Using the free tool Ontrack® Verifile™ the customer can evaluate the content of the list and make an informed decision whether to proceed with the actual recovery.
  5. Once authorization is given by the customer, our RDR engineer will start the remote recovery process.
  6. When the process is finished, the recovered data will be available once again on the customer’s machine.

Start recovering your data!

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