How to correctly manage a data loss

Each outage in an organization or lost productivity can be critical. All non-professional attempts to fix data loss issues can cause further damage and risk permanently losing all data.
Make sure that data recovery is accounted for in your disaster recovery plans – and that the actual recovery process is well-documented and adopted to ensure efficient and quick recovery in urgent data loss situations.

How will Ontrack assist you?

For urgent help our customer service is available globally 24/7/365.

All our laboratories will have needed competence to give you the best first aid actions to reduce your data loss situation.

Ontrack engineers will determine the necessary procedures to recover the lost data. The recovery can be done virtually in any type of storage system.

The storage media will be analyzed and the customer will be provided a report which includes estimate of the second phase services delivery time and cost.

The second phase of the service consists of the data recovery work either remotely or in a Ontrack laboratory.

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Troubled HPE storage system is where professionals makes a difference

Complex storage systems need extensive logical analysis after the physical errors are fixed. Just one single error in a RAID, NAS or a virtual system can cause giant problems in the data structure and in the under laying systems. Our logical experts are world leading. As blood hounds they will search for available data to recover all layers in the systems.

We recover data from these systems:

HP LeftHand StoreVirtual VSA
HP LeftHand StoreVirtual 4100 SAN Solution
HP LeftHand StoreVirtual 4300 SAN Solution
HP LeftHand StoreVirtual 4400 SAN Solution
HP LeftHand StoreVirtual 4500 SAN Solution
HP LeftHand StoreVirtual 4800 SAN BladeSystem
HP LeftHand StoreVirtual 4900 SSD Storage System

The best for you

Ontrack has established a proprietary method to decrypt the configurations from major manufacturers like EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp, Dell, HPE and IBM.
We can trust you with an expertize that keep up with the speed in storage development. Our mission is to go to work to make a difference and this difference can be heaven or hell for our clients.

Data loss causes on HP Lefthand storage systems

Data loss on HP Lefthand storage systems can be generated by different causes. Data cannot be accessible due to a hardware RAID failure or due to a human error or due to a data corruption.

Below, it’s just an example of data loss scenario that Ontrack engineers can manage:

  • LUN (Logical Unit Number) corruptions
  • failure of LUN drives
  • Virtual Machine corruption or deletion
  • snapshot corruption or deletion
  • data deleted inside a Virtual Machine
  • LUN format / new installation
  • Virtual Machine format / new installation

Regardless of the problem type, if you experience a data loss on your HP Lefthand storage systems, contact Ontrack immediately for the higher possibilities to recover your data.