Before you start

Irrespective of your OS, before you start restoring your data you will require:

  • a working computer with correctly installed OS
  • correctly installed software applications
  • sufficient disk space for the data to be restored
  • that the backup is connected to the computer


  • applications must be installed from a setup file
  • do not overwrite the current OS or software files otherwise the OS or softwares may no longer start correctly

If you require any assistance please contact your Data Recovery Specialist or call Ontrack on +97142757433

Recovered Data Restore Procedure

The backup of the recovered data is generally stored on an external hard drive that is encrypted for your safety.
Important – please note: To restore the data it is necessary to access a working computer with administrator rights. You will also need the access password provided by your Data Recovery Specialist. The password will expire after 60 days.

Quick reference guide to restoring your data 

Accessing the recovered data (for Microsoft Windows):

  1. Start the computer, then connect the backup drive
  2. If necessary, connect the external drive to a power source and switch it on (where applicable)
  3. Open My Computer (Windows XP) or Computer (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10). You should see a volume called Data Recovery identified with the first available unit letter (e.g. “D:”, “E:” etc.)
  4. Double-click on the unit and open the file batch called Open Backup Container.bat
  5. When prompted, type in the password provided by your Data Recovery Specialist
  6. If the password is entered correctly you will have access to the recovered data
  7. Copy the desired files and folders to your PC to restore the recovered data
  8. When you are done, double-click on Close Backup Container.bat and follow the standard procedure for safe device removal before you disconnect the backup drive – failure to perform this step may corrupt the data stored on the backup drive
  9. You will need to repeat the above described procedure every time you wish to access the content of the encrypted backup device. If you wish to access the data without encryption you will need to copy the data to another computer or device, format the external backup drive and copy the data back on it.

Warning: always restore the recovered data on your computer or make an additional copy to avoid that any damage to the external backup drive may cause a new data loss.

In the picture below, the external hard disk backup connection diagram (some hard drive could be powered so wihtout power cord to be connected to the mains).

Hard disk backup

In the picture below, the window for entering the password in encrypted backup.

Backup password window