We are a Dell data recovery Partner

As a data recovery partner of Dell, Ontrack has been successfully managing RAID, NAS and SAN Dell storage systems for years. With self-developed tools and in-house expertise, we find the best solution for your Dell data recovery.

As a Dell partner, we can provide specialized solutions for your Dell PowerEdge systems and many other storage systems.

Dell PowerEdge supported storage server

Ontrack engineers are able to recover data from any PowerEdge tower and PowerEdge rack system series.

If your model is not listed in the table, do not worry. For more information, please call our data recovery experts.

Server tower PowerEdge

PowerEdge T430PowerEdge T630PowerEdge T20
PowerEdge T130PowerEdge T30

Server rack PowerEdge

PowerEdge C4130PowerEdge R220PowerEdge R230
PowerEdge R330PowerEdge R430PowerEdge R530
PowerEdge R630PowerEdge R730PowerEdge R730xd
PowerEdge R830PowerEdge R910PowerEdge R 930

How Ontrack recovers you data

Thanks to our proprietary technologies, developed by engineers with more than 30 years of experience, we can recover data from Dell PowerEdge systems using our professional cleanroom or the trademark technology called Remote Data Recovery Services (RDR).

The best solution depends on the issue. A cleanroom data recovery must be used if the PowerEdge storage system has a physical problem (i.e. a RAID failure). If the system is working but the data is not accessible (i.e. data corruption, data deletion), our engineers can evaluate the feasibility of a remote data recovery using our proprietary technology. Remote recovery does not require the customer to send their PowerEdge system to Ontrack, rather, our engineers will work remotely on your equipment.

We can recover any type of complex data from databases to virtual environments.

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The most common causes for data loss on Dell PowerEdge storage systems

PowerEdge systems can be used with different operating systems like Microsoft Windows Server, Linux RedHat, SUSE Linux and VMwarevSphere ESXi.

Regardless of the operating systems, Ontrack engineers are able to solve data loss issues such as:

  • LUN (Logical Unit Number) corruptions
  • Failure of LUN drives
  • Virtual Machine corruption or deletion
  • Snapshot corruption or deletion
  • Data deleted inside of a Virtual Machine
  • LUN format / new installation
  • Virtual Machine format / new installation

If you are experiencing a data loss on you Dell PowerEdge storage system, contact a data recovery expert now and receive a free consultation and quote.