Ontrack & Dell EMC

We partner with Dell EMC to provide world-class recovery solutions across their entire product suite.

Our capabilities

Our engineers have developed top-tier tools to recover       
missing or corrupted data from Dell EMC’s robust storage systems.     
Examples of what we can recover:

  • Deleted Files from LUNs or iSCSI volumes
  • Formatted/Overwritten LUNs
  • Deleted or Corrupted Virtual Disks
  • Deleted Volumes/LUNs
  • Deleted Pools
  • File System Corruption
  • Media (HDD and SSD) and RAID Failures

What Dell EMC products are recoverable?

We currently perform recoveries on the following Dell EMC products:

Enterprise Storage (Isilon, VMAX, XTREMIO, ScaleIO, Symmetrix)
Entry and Midrange Storage (Unity, SC Series, VNX, EqualLogic, Clariion, Celerra))
All-Flash Storage (VMAX, Isilon, ScaleIO)
Cloud Storage (Elastic, CloudArray)
Software-defined Storage (IsilonSD Edge, Elastic)

Recovery methods

Each data recovery scenario is unique and we are able to customize your data recovery for your Dell EMC system to meet your needs. One of our data recovery engineers will quickly diagnose your data loss and help you determine which method is right for you. For most Dell EMC recoveries, once the data loss event has been analyzed, our team of engineers will use our Remote Data Recovery service to virtually rebuild the volume (often times rebuilding the RAID groups and Storage Pools), and recover missing or corrupted data from your Dell EMC System. Other recovery options are below.


Our cleanroom facilities allow for the uncasing of drives without subjecting the drive to environmental factors which could further damage the data, this also keeps the hard drive warranty intact. This service is used when the system components have suffered physical damage and are able to be shipped to our facilities.

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Our patented Remote Data Recovery is used when the equipment is too large, or the security risk is too great for it to be shipped.

The data recovery is performed remotely via a secure internet connection.

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Get your data back

Ontrack can help recover your data. From the largest government or enterprise organizations to small businesses who may have lost their data, you can trust us to get your data back.

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