Our workbenches follow ISO 14644-1 class 5 standards

A cleanroom environment allows for a damaged drive to be opened without causing further harm and data loss. In order to create a cleanroom environment is a system is devised for routing the air flow on rows of workbenches in an arrangement based on high-quality submicron particulate air filters which trap small particles. These systems use special HEPA filters (high efficiency particulate air filters) to filter out suspended particles only 0.0005 millimeters in diameter. All Ontrack workbenches in our cleanrooms follow ISO 14644-1 class 5 standards.

Secure environment

Your data’s security is our top priority. Ontrack follows strict IT security protocols and is audited every year. Our staff undergoes a background check prior to being hired and our facilities are secured with cameras and secured entryways. Currently we follow SAS70 certification. Click for more information on our security policies.

Research and development

Keeping up with the constant advancements in technology in order perform successful data recoveries requires a research and development department filled with highly-skilled expert technicians developing new tools and techniques daily. At the last count, our team of approximately 200 R&D engineers had developed over 500 proprietary software and hardware tools for data recovery. With these tools our clients receive world-class data recovery service which cannot be found elsewhere.

Optimizing your data recovery

In order to decrease the recovery time, our engineers have the ability to work on multiple drives in various stages of recovery. With our proprietary imaging software, a drive can be imaged from the back to the front or from any point while avoiding the damaged areas on the platters. Our team works on this image of the drive versus the original hard drive when recovering data which ultimately preserves the drive and increases the amount of data recovered from it.

Once an image is created from the failed hard drive, the job is passed to another team to recover the data files from the image held on our secure server. As the data is copied out to new media, the condition of each file each file is reviewed and a report is generated. This Ontrack® Verifile™ report is sent to you to check whether your most important data is present and is in good standing before you purchase the entire recovery. In the case of RAIDs and SANs, our engineers can image each drive and rebuild the RAID or striping of data to recover the data; this is also true with Hypervisor where the majority of data loss is caused by human error.

Access to worldwide network of parts

To ensure a fast recovery, we keep one of the largest parts inventory in the industry. Ontrack maintains a worldwide parts database where engineers can search for parts. For example, if the office Toronto has the set of parts for a certain data recovery job, the Eden Prairie cleanroom can have the parts shipped to them overnight. The more parts we have on-hand, the faster the recovery time for our clients.

Secure media destruction

We offer secure disposal of any media sent to us for recovery. After the recovery process is complete, hard drives and tape media are erased using the Ontrack® Degausser™ before they are sent for recycling. A click lasting less than a second pulses the hard drives or tapes with 18,000 degauss units making it totally unrecoverable.

All other storage media is securely erased using the method that best suits the media type. Upon request we can provide a certificate of erasure for any media disposed of in our facility.